With today's complex applications, getting the architecture right is more important than ever. We have been involved in multi-tier, application server projects since the late 1980s when we designed and implemented one of the first application frameworks, the Sybase Open Server.

We can help your project by checking that your architecture hasn't painted you into a corner and has addressed the following:

  • Modularity
    Do you have a modular architecture that lets you implement the functionality in the most efficient and flexible manner? Will your project be able to grow with new technology?

  • Performance & Capacity
    Do you have performance requirements? Does your architecture scale? Can you handle large number of users and large amounts of data?

  • Operational Issues
    After you write your application, it has to be installed and kept running. You must handle installation, administration and fault tolerance requirements for a viable commercial product.

We can help you with the design of your architecture, or, audit your existing design to make sure you've covered the requirements. Contact us for more information.