Our polling system is in use by an environmental NGO in order to stay close to its membership's interests and beliefs. Because volunteers can create a poll, send it out and assess the results from any location, this NGO can afford to stay in very close touch with its membership.

Give it a try. To create and run your own poll:

  • Register yourself and give yourself a password.
  • Create the poll.
  • Email the poll's URL to your group.
  • Use your registered password to see the results.

We can deliver this as a service or let you add such capability to your JSP and RDBMS based web-site.

"This software allows us sophisticated, two-way communication with our membership. Tilden Park seamlessly integrated it into our existing web-site. It just works."-Bob Epstein, co-founder E2
Environmental Entrepeneurs

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Take a poll now

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